BAR MANAGER – Experienced Bar Manager responsible for day-to-day operational management and stock

BAR STAFF – Experienced Bar staff who are passionate about creating something new and exciting

PITCH STAFF – Floor staff to facilitate the smooth running of the venue

EVENTS ORGANISER – Bookings, Movies, Music and Large Corporate Parties

HOSTESS / Bookings Team – The 'ice-breakers' to a good time. Managing bookings and delivering visitors to their chosen area within PITCH.


MURALS – Concepts / Implementation for future murals for next season (email with CV and outline of idea).

EXHIBITIONS – If you think this venue could host your exhibition launch; we'd love to hear from you.


LIVE BANDS – Do you want to run an event here. Let us know

DJ's / Promoters – Can you fill our beautiful outdoor space with fun-loving people and good music. Email with some background info. We don't accept telephone calls so if you drop and email we will respond in due course).

FILM – Would you like to have a large-scale screening of your film here? Get in touch and tell us more about your project and what type of launch you would like to have.